How to share your driving licence summary with your insurer


You have been asked to give us a copy of your driving licence summary from the DVLA website. This video will show you, step-by-step, how to do this, or you can read the transcription of the video below.

We will start by listing the documents you will need to begin this process.

You will need your driving licence number, the postcode on your driving licence, as well as your National Insurance number.

Now that you have these three pieces of information, go to your internet browser and enter:

And then click “Start Now” button.

You can then enter your Driving Licence number, your National Insurance number, as well as your postcode.

Take some time to read the information in the blue box, and once you’re happy with what it says, tick it to say that you agree and then click the green “View Now” button.

The next page that you will see will show the basic details that the DVLA hold about you.

Click on “Share your licence information“, then click “Get a code“. The code that you see in the green box is the code that our Sales Agent is looking for, and we need that, along with the last eight characters of our driving licence.

By following this guide, you should now have your code to generate your licence summary. This code can only be used once and it is valid for 21 days.

For further assistance, please ask our Sales Agent when we contact you and they will be more than help to help.