Driving Licence Summary

As part of validating your policy, your Driving Licence Summary (DLS) is required to avoid either increasing your premium or your policy being subject to cancellation for not providing this detail.  By completing and submitting this form you are consenting to Complete Cover Group storing and using these details on your behalf to retrieve through the DLVA website online service a downloadable copy of your DLS and apply any difference to your policy.

To complete this form you will need your Driving Licence Number and National Insurance Number:


If you’re completing this form because you’re a named driver on someone else’s policy then please ensure that you provide their email address and vehicle registration number below so that we can link your licence summary to the correct policy.

This will be the postcode shown on your Driving Licence
Example: ABCD01PC01 or 123456/2
This will be the car registration number of the car that you have insured with us
This number is found on the front side of your driving licence and is 16 characters long.
You can find your National Insurance number on your payslip, P60, or letters about tax, pensions and benefits. You can also find it through your personal tax account and download a confirmation letter.