Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions, such as how to request a change to your policy, what documents you need to return to us, what your insurance covers, and questions about making payments for your policy.

Documents Required

  • What Documents do we require?

    Depending on your insurer or circumstances, we may require you to return some documents to us. These will be stated in your welcome letter, which is sent following the purchase of your policy.

    All documents can be sent to us by email or post:


    Complete Cover Group
    Elmbrook House,
    18-19 Station Road,
    Surrey, TW16 6SU.

    For more information on the documents that we require, and why we need them, please click on the document tabs below.


  • - Proof of Name and Address

    To protect our customers and insurer partners against fraudulent activity, we check all policyholder identities. We accept any one of the following documents as proof of the policy holder’s name and address:

    – Utility bill dated within the last 30 days (gas, electricity or water bill)
    – Council tax bill dated within the last 30 days

  • - DVLA Licence Summary

    The DVLA now holds all driving licence information electronically and no longer issue paper counterparts.  Insurers need a copy of the policyholder and all named drivers’ Licence Summaries in order to confirm their driving licence information.

    To assist you in obtaining this information we have created the following links:

    Click here to view our video and step-by-step guide on how to access your driving licence information and create a ‘check-code’ you can share with us

    Click here to access the DVLA’s website or paste the following address into your browser

    To make it easier for you, once you have received your ‘check-code’, just email it to with your customer reference, name, postcode and a clear picture of your driving licence photo card.

    Do you have any further questions? This article may answer them.

    If you wish to speak to the DVLA for assistance, their number is 0300 083 0013.

  • - Proof of No Claims Bonus

    We will need you to provide us with your Proof of No Claims Bonus document if you have set up a policy using previously earned No Claims Bonus. We are required to provide this to your new insurer.

    Proof of No Claims Bonus is a document you can obtain from your previous insurer or broker. Once we have received this we will contact the insurer or broker to confirm that the document is valid.

    If we do not receive your proof of No Claims Bonus, or it cannot be confirmed, we will requote your premium based on 0 years No Claims Bonus and you will be liable for any additional payment.

    Do you have more questions about your No Claims Bonus? This article may answer them. 

  • - Proof of Driving Experience

    If you have been given an introductory discount based on previous driving experience where you didn’t earn your own No Claims Bonus, you will need to send us proof of this.

    We are required to provide evidence of this to your new insurer.

    Named Driver Experience:

    – We require a fully completed named driver declaration form (this will be included in your Welcome pack).
    – Once we have received this we will contact the insurer or broker to confirm that the information is valid.

    Company Driving Experience:

    – We require a Company Headed Letter stating how many years of claims free driving you have using company vehicles. It should also state whether you had use of the vehicle for social, as well as company use.
    – Once we have received this we will contact the company to confirm that the information is valid.

    Second Vehicle Experience:

    – We require a copy of the most recent insurance schedule from your second vehicle insurance.
    – Once we have received this we will contact the insurer or broker to confirm that the information is valid.

  • - Proposal Form

    Some insurers require a signed proposal form confirming your information. If you have been asked to return a proposal form, please read the following:

    – Please check the details on the proposal form, ensuring that all questions have been answered accurately and honestly
    – All pages of the proposal form must be returned
    – The policyholder must sign and date the form where applicable
    – Please highlight any incorrect details and the correct information given.
    – If any details have been amended, we will requote the policy based on the changes and notify you of any change in premium

  • Still need help?

    Still need help? Why not talk to us on Live Chat, during opening hours, so we can talk you through exactly what to do.

Request Duplicate Certificate

  • How do I request a duplicate certificate?

    If you need to request a duplicate certificate please click here, and enter your details and the preferred method of delivery.

Questions about your insurance cover

  • What level of cover will I have when driving in the European Union (EU)?

    The details of this cover can be found in your insurer’s policy booklet, you can find policy booklets here.

  • Can I drive other cars?

    The ‘driving other cars’ benefit is only applicable to specific policies, so you should not assume that you are automatically covered to drive someone else’s car. This applies even if you have comprehensive cover.

    If you have “driving other cars” cover this should be stated on your certificate of insurance.

Making a change to your policy

  • How do I make a change to my policy?

    To change your address or your vehicle please complete the relevant form here.

    For any other changes, please contact our Customer Services team.

  • How much does it cost to change my vehicle?

    Your insurance company may choose to increase or decrease your premium (subject to no claims) if you change your vehicle. This is dependent on the vehicle. As a broker we would also charge an administration fee to process this change.


  • What payment options do you have?

    You can pay for your policy by:

    1. One full payment by credit or debit card.
    2. Monthly instalments (terms and conditions apply).

  • Can I choose my payment date?

    A payment date will be confirmed to you. Where this is not suitable we can look at accommodating a request to change your payment date. Terms and conditions do apply and your request may be declined.

    You may be asked to pay a card payment in order to revise future payment dates and prevent any risk to your policy.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • I’ve received a letter asking for an outstanding balance, how do I query or dispute the amount?

    To discuss a request for an outstanding balance please contact us on 0344 557 0006.

  • I’ve received a letter offering a reduced settlement. Can I pay this in instalments?

    Any reduced balance would need to be paid in full. No instalment plans are available.

  • How do I cancel my policy?

    Just contact us and tell us why you wish to cancel, in most cases we can offer you an alternative solution that may save you money and keep you insured.  Call us on 0344 557 0006.

No Claims Bonus (NCB)

  • What is no claims bonus (NCB) and how do I prove it?

    After each claim free year, a policyholder is rewarded no claims bonus as proof that no claims were made in the duration of the policy. This proof is used by insurers to calculate any discount on a new policy.

    NCB is usually obtained in written form from your previous insurer. This original document will need to be forwarded to us when you set up a new policy. If this proof is not available you will need to inform us of your previous insurer’s name, telephone number and policy number. We can then contact them on your behalf.

    Find out more in our guide to No Claim Bonuses.

  • What does introductory discount mean?

    An introductory no claims bonus is a goodwill discount that recognises previous driving experience where a driver was not a policy holder. For example, when a driver has been named on another policy but was not the policy holder or has previously driven on a company policy. This additional discount is only applied at our and the insurer’s discretion and is not open to everybody.

    An introductory discount does not equate to an earned no claims bonus at renewal and is not transferable to another insurer.

    Find out more in our guide to No Claim Bonuses.

  • When will I receive my proof of no claims bonus?

    We will automatically send your no claims bonus out if you choose not to renew your policy with us. Please note, we cannot release your no claims bonus before your policy has finished.

    If your policy has already finished and you need another copy, you can request it here.

Insurance Documentation

  • What is a Certificate of Insurance?

    A certificate of insurance is evidence that you have adequate insurance cover for your vehicle.  Please ensure that you keep the document in a safe place in case you need to provide evidence of insurance cover. It may also be needed to tax your vehicle.

  • What is a Cover Note?

    A cover note is a temporary proof of insurance document, usually valid for 30 days after issue pending receipt of the full certificate of insurance.

  • How can I obtain a replacement certificate of insurance?

    A replacement certificate of insurance can be requested here.

Making a Claim

  • How do I make a claim on a car, van or taxi policy?

    To make a claim on a car, van or taxi policy call 0800 221 8627. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • How do I make a claim on a household policy?

    To make claim on your household policy you’ll need to contact your insurance company directly, so please refer to your policy booklet for their claims line number. Household policy booklets can be found here.

Renewing Your Insurance

  • When is my policy due for renewal?

    Your renewal date will be shown on your certificate of insurance.

  • When can I start discussing my renewal price?

    We will send out a renewal invitation 21 days before your renewal date. This will show your renewal price and let you know if your policy is due to be automatically renewed or not.

General Insurance Questions

  • My vehicle isn’t showing on the ask MID website, am I insured to drive?

    The MID can sometimes take a few days to update and show your vehicle as insured. As long as you have been issued a valid certificate of insurance you are covered to drive.

  • Why can’t I tax my vehicle around my renewal date?

    In order to tax your vehicle online you may require a valid cover note or certificate of insurance with more than 14 days active cover. If you have just set up a policy or are within 14 days of your renewal, you may not be able to purchase tax online as you may fall outside of the criteria. In this situation you may need to take your documentation and payment to a post office to obtain tax.

    If you need a replacement certificate of insurance you can request one here.