Returning Documents

Documents we may require:

If we need you to send us some documents, we’ll let you know in your welcome letter. We send this to you after you’ve bought your policy.

All documents can be sent to us by email or post:


Complete Cover Group
Mara House,
Tarporley Business Centre,
Nantwich Road,
CW6 9UY.

The documents we may ask you for:

Proof of name and address:

We check all our customers’ identities to help fight fraud. As proof of your name and address, we need to see one of the following documents:

  • a utility (gas, water or electricity) bill dated within the last 30 days
  • a council tax bill dated within the last 30 days.

DVLA licence summary

This allows us to check that the driving licence information we have for you is correct. We will need this for all the names drivers on your policy too.

To do this, you need to go to the View Driving Licence page on the DVLA website and generate a check code.

Once you’ve received your check code, email it to with your customer reference, name, postcode and a clear picture of your diving licence photo card.

If you need help, you can call the DVLA on 0300 083 0013.

Proof of no claims bonus

If you told us you haven’t had any claims when you set up your insurance, you’ll need to send us proof. You can get your Proof of No Claims Bonus document from your previous insurance company.

Email this to We will check with your previous insurance company that it is valid.

If we don’t receive this proof, or we find that it’s inconsistent with what you told us, then we will recalculate your premium.

Proof of driving experience

If we’ve given you a discount based on your previous driving experience but where you didn’t earn a no claims bonus, you’ll need to send us some proof. We need to share this with your new insurer. Different types of driving insurance require different documents. We’ll let you know what you need in your welcome pack. There’s more about each of them below.

If you have named driver experience:

This is where you have been driving as a named driver on someone else’s policy.

We’ll need you to complete a named driver declaration form, which you’ll find in your welcome pack.

Send this back to us and then we’ll contact the insurer or broker to confirm the information.

If you have company driving experience:

This is where you’ve been driving company vehicles, using the company’s insurance policy.

We’ll need a letter on company-headed paper that tells us how many years you’ve driven company vehicles claims-free. It also needs to tell us if you used the vehicle for social use as well.

Once we’ve received this, we’ll contact the company to confirm the information.

If you have second vehicle experience

This is where you have a no claims bonus, but it is being used on another vehicle.

We’ll need a copy of the most recent insurance schedule from your second vehicle insurance.

Once we’ve received this, we’ll contact the insurance company to confirm the information is correct.

Proposal form

Some insurers require a signed proposal form that confirms your information. If you’ve been asked for a proposal form please make sure you:

  • check all the details on the form are correct and any questions are answered accurately and honestly
  • fill out and return all pages of the proposal form
  • sign and date the form where it tells you to
  • highlight any incorrect details and replace with the correct information.

If any of the details on the proposal form need updating, then we will need to requote your insurance using the correct information. This may lead to a change in premium.